Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you offer Capoeira classes in Toronto?

Check out our Toronto school near St.Clair and Dufferin.

Question: What do I need for my first class?

All you need is comfortable workout clothes such as jogging pants and a t-shirt. Bringing some water and a light snack wouldn't be a bad idea either. 

Question: I'm new to all of this, do I need any previous experience to start classes?

No previous experience is required. All of our classes are beginner friendly. Learn at your own pace until you feel ready to join with the rest of the class. We work with you from the ground up.

Question: How much do classes cost?

Each of our classes have a different fee. Drop in rates range from $10-$15 per class and for monthly memberships see individual martial art pages for more details.

Contact us at 647-244-7570 or Email us for a fast response!