Axé Martial Arts and Fitness

Axé Martial Arts and Fitness is a Martial Art Academy dedicated to promoting healthy living, fitness, a sense of community and over all fun! The word Axé, pronounced “Ashay”, means “positive energy” or “good vibe” and that’s exactly how we want you to feel when you walk in our doors.

We offer Martial Arts from all over the world by top quality trainers all under one roof. Our instructors are highly trained in their respective arts and will not only get you in shape but will get you to have fun while you doing it!

Axé Martial Arts and Fitness was founded in January 2011 by Mike Soltysiak. His goal was to create a gym were getting fit was a consequence of doing what you love. By learning Martial Arts not only are you challenging yourself physically but mentally as well. This challenge is what keeps you coming back and eventually what gets you in to shape. By consistently practicing to get that one cool move or trying to perfect that one form, your indirectly getting more fit!

Our doors are open to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have never done a martial art or sport before in your life, we work with you from the ground up. 


Mestre Barrão Founder of Axé Capoeira

History of Grupo Axé Capoeira – Grupo Axé Capoeira was created by Mestre Barrão in Recife, Brazil 1982. Today, with academies throughout Canada, United States, Europe, Asia and South America, the Grupo continues to rise as one of the world’s leading Capoeira organizations. Backed by worldwide releases of eight albums of music on CD, the video release of the 2000, 2005, and 2009 International Capoeira Encounter and two Performance videos from the Axé Capoeira Volume IV and V DVD releases, enrollment continues to steadily increase. The Grupo also continues to travel around the world promoting Brazilian culture, music and dance, and participating in Capoeira and open martial art exhibitions and competitions.

Philosophy & Methodology – The philosophy of Grupo Axé Capoeira is to respect all the mestres, preserve the roots and traditions of Capoeira, and train Capoeira in all its aspects: as a fight, art, dance, music and culture. We endeavor to teach and educate so that capoeira will grow in a positive healthy way. We attempt to pass on to the students physical and mental methods of training so that they learn to create situations and maintain a dialogue within the game. By playing both with friends and rivals, students learn to deal with any situation in or out of the roda. In North America, we not only teach movements, but the Brazilian language and customs as well so that the students may become true capoeiristas.

Objectives – Axé Capoeira is working hard to ensure that Capoeira has a strong future. Through research, travel and participating in events, we hope to increase our knowledge in the art and contribute to the evolution of Capoeira. Our goal is for Capoeira to be placed among the most widely practiced and respected martial art forms in the world.