Developed in Brazil during the 19th century, Samba is considered the dance of celebration and joy at Carnival celebrations in Rio. Lively and rhythmical, there are many types of Samba dances, just like there are many types of Samba music. In Brazil, a Samba dancer is known as a Passista. Our classes will teach you the basics steps of Samba followed by more complex movements and choreographies. With enough practice and experience students may have opportunities to perform alongside Axé Martial Arts and Fitness and cultural events across the city.
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Classes are 16+


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About the instructor

Emilly’s passion for dance has exposed her to many different styles but none of them captivated her more than Samba. In 2014 she went to Brazil to further her training and immerse herself in the Brazilian culture. Her first stop was Salvador Bahia where she trained with Slleyk da Bahia who is the head choreographer of the famous samba reggae band, Olodum. Over her three month long visit in Brazil she had the opportunity to train with Escola De Danca in Baiha, Escola Carioca De Danca in Rio and parade during Carnaval with local Blocos. Emilly’s talents and strengths are in Samba reggae, Afro and of course Samba. Come by to try a class and get ready to shake your hips Brazilian style.


First class is free, $15 Drop-ins, $60 Monthly