Russian Thunder is like Systema. In Russian literally meaning The System, is a Russian martial art. Training includes: hand to hand combat, grappling, knife fighting and fire arms training as well. Training involves drills and sparring without set kata.
It focuses mainly on controlling the six body levers (elbows, neck, knees, waist, ankles, and shoulders) through pressure point application, striking and weapon applications. Systema is often advertised as being a martial art employed by some Russian Spetsnaz units.
Classes are 18+


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About the instructor

Dmitri was trained in system during his time in the Russian military working as a mechanic. He now leads classes at Axe Martial Arts and Fitness teaching his extremely effective self defence style.


First class is free. 3-month term: $310+HST. Approx 20 - 24 lessons. Private sessions: $50+HST/Session. 4 class minimum.