Aikido is a Japanese Budo or Martial Way founded by Morihei Ueshiba that creates respect, self-control and self-evolution, by using the principles of nonresistance and redirection of attack.

The word Aikido is composed of 3 kanji:
Ai, Harmony
Ki, spirit, mind, or universal energy and
Do, The Way.
Thus, Aikido is the “The Way of Harmony with Universal Energy”.

Aikido is derived from several Japanese martial arts, focuses not on brutally kicking opponents but rather on using their own energy against them.
Aikido is for people of all ages regardless of sex or physical boundaries; it does not rely on size or strength, but rather uses body dynamics, timing, energy and centered movement.
Aikido is noncompetitive, for its main purpose is not collecting medals and titles but rather achieving a state of Harmony with oneself and ultimately the universe.

In Aikido we use also three kind of weapons:
Wooden sword(bokken),wooden stick(jo) and the wooden knife(tanto)

Aikido is a way of life, it teaches us:
1- To seek perfection of character (it calms the spirit that’s how it shows my behavior with the environment).
2- To be faithful (never cheat in what ever you do but do it in the right way).
3- To endeavor (keep on working hard do not retreat or surrender).
4- To respect others (be humble, be soft as silk and forget the show off).
5- To refrain from violent behavior. Here we get to one of the main slogans of Aikido, which says (“Aikido ni sentinashi“ which mean Aikido never attack first, you should be wise).

The techniques of Aikido are not complicated, they’re very simple, based on the body movement (taisabaki) which allows you to take your opponent’s balance. They focus on the articulations and pressure points “sensitive points”.

Aikido is so called the art of the gentleman. O’sensei said that the action ends before it begins. You should be wise, have a good judgment, fast with good control and decisive.


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