During our March Break and Summer Camps, your kids will have an opportunity to learn and refine self-defense techniques, improve their leadership skills and learn how to make smarter lifestyle choices.
Many of the activities the kids participate in are geared towards encouraging a healthy mental attitude and a strong mindset through difficult physical and mental challenges.
Program highlights:


-Boxing and Capoeira
-Strength and flexibility training
-Advanced problem solving
-Arts and crafts
-Outdoor activities *weather permitting*
-Sushi Lunch on Friday at 168 sushi
General info:


Program runs from 9:00am-3:00pm
8:00am early drop-off and 5:00pm late pick-up is provided at no additional fee.
Tuesday/Thursday kids are welcome to stay for the capoeira class at 5:30pm
A large lunch with plenty of healthy snacks is recommended
No previous experience or equipment is required
Participants are required to bring workout clothes and a bathing suit
Ages 5+




Active member(s) – $200  + tax
Multiple weeks – $200 + tax
Single week – $230 + tax
Sushi Lunch – $20 includes tax and tip
Pool admission(s) included
Field trips are not included
Weeks available:
July 9th-13th
July 16th-20th
August 7th-10th (long weekend)
August 13th-17th


In order to register your child for camp, please provide us the week(s) you’re interested in and complete the attached registration form (Waiver Registration AMAF 2018.docx.pdf), active members are not required to complete another registration form. For additional information regarding camps or to register please call us at 647-244-7570 or email us at axemartialarts@gmail.com
From March break to summer camps, we have it all. Send us your child and we will send you a new one back. Offering full day camps with early drop-off and late pickup.
Current full-day camps offered:
  • PA Days –  Mixed Levels.
  • March Break – Mixed Levels.
  • Capoeira Summer camp – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.
8:00 am Drop off to 5:00 pm Pick up for all camps
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